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Why Report on this?





Real Dead






  What People Are Saying  


[Anti-screening anxiety pre-script: All 9 multi-billion dollar media corporations whose materials are scrutinized in this documentary have, as of February 2004 and as a result of our lawsuit, signed settlements with Not The Enemy Media. This includes those whose various interesting historic threats are included below]


"...a passionate anti-war commentary..."

        Alexander Cockburn


"...You have been made specifically aware of Fox's rights in and to the film clips....Any use of the film clips or any other materials from Fox motion pictures without express prior written permission from Fox, is an unauthorized and actionable use of copyrighted materials."

(20th Century) Fox Group, April 19, 2002


"...excellent!  I will definitely show the tape in the classes I teach on the media. Great work!"

        Professor Brad Bushman, Ph.D., co-author of "The Effects of Media Violence on Society"


“Unauthorized use of any of the element of the Picture is a violation of international, English, American and state laws, including laws of copyright and trademark.  Columbia demands that you cease and desist any activity that violates our rights and that you confirm within ten (10) business days your intention to refrain from any like activity in the future.”

Columbia TriStar Motion Picture Group, March 22, 2002


"...fascinating polemical deconstruction of the treatment of death, dying, and grief in American movies..."

         "Has a cumulative effect..."           "One of the most provocative documentaries of 2002"  

                                                        Kelly Vance, film critic, East Bay Express, February 4, 2003


You may not be aware, and so I want to inform you, that your unauthorized use of Disney intellectual properties is harmful because it falsely implies an association with or endorsement by Disney, and it is likely to create confusion in the minds of people who see your production and may think that your production is in some way related to or sanctioned by Disney.  Also, your use of our properties may violate applicable laws regarding copyrights, trademarks, and unfair business practices..."

    Disney Enterprises, Inc., April 15, 2002


"Excellent documentary"

    Professor George Gerbner, Dean Emeritus of the Annenberg School for Communication at the University of Pennsylvania


" have not requested a license to use clips from Universal's motion pictures, and would not be permitted to do so in the manner in which you have taken clips out of context, edited and manipulated images, dialogue and scenes, resulting in extreme disparagement of the pictures and misinterpretation of the stories expressed therein."

    Universal Studios, March 22, 2002


"This film very powerfully, vividly makes the connection between the pervasive violence of Hollywood movies, and the militarist culture of the United States, expressed most dangerously in our foreign policy."

Professor Howard Zinn, Professor emeritus of political science at Boston University, author of "The People's History of the United States," "Declarations of Independence," "You Can't be Neutral on a Moving Train," et al.



Below comments based on public discussion of the documentary...

  "Thanks for doing this fight on behalf of all of us who believe in the fair use doctrine and in critiquing existing works."  E. H., Princeton, NJ

"I'm glad you are naming the taboo elephant and presenting it in a major way. Please let us know when you get to screen it. Now that I have boys, I fear they will get caught up in such a  culture cut off from the sacredness of the human life."   A. C.

"I heard your radio interview which was distributed at Best of luck on a speedy resolution to your case." J. F.

"Your work is the most important in decades, and something I've been missing in social commentary, combining McLuhan with real sociological research and concern. We must ask ourselves - what kind of world do we want ?  What are we seeing?  M. G.

..."Another dying "cell" of communist agitators, using PBS as a pulpit.  on solid colour of RED, I don't know what does."  R.

"Thanks for your important work, and I look forward to seeing the documentary."  J. B.

"I think your project is phenomenal..."  A. B.

" are fighting with people who will crush you in every sense of the word."  J. F.

"...After seeing what you are trying to do, I want to offer to assist in any way I can."  D. R.

"I can't wait to see your film!! ...  Please don't forget that there are those of us out there that see what you're doing and are inspired." J. H-D

"I had to drop you a note of congratulations and encouragement...This is an incredibly timely topic."  H. F.    



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