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Why Report on this?





Real Dead







 icon_biggrin.gif    Concerned you might have un-indicted war criminals running your country?  Check out the evidence at: 

icon_biggrin.gif    IP Justice.  Got Intellectual Property freedom?  Well, maybe not.  Read about how Norwegian teen Jon Johansen is being prosecuted - again - for writing and distributing (for free) a program that he wrote so that he could play HIS OWN DVDs on his own computer.   How about this:  think you should be able to buy aftermarket toner cartridges for your own printer?  Well, maybe not.  Read about Lexmark's suit against Static Control.

icon_biggrin.gif    CounterPunch  -

icon_biggrin.gif    Amazing reporting hosted by Amy Goodman  -

icon_biggrin.gif    The Electronic Frontiers Foundation -

icon_biggrin.gif    Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting  -

For a particularly concise horrifying read on the state of news reporting in the U.S., click

icon_biggrin.gif    The elimination of "The Fairness Doctrine" by Reagan and former FCC chair Mark Fowler paved the way for the takeover of the        airwaves by right wing pundits like Rush Limbaugh and Michael Savage.  An interesting history of the birth, life, and death of the Fairness Doctrine is reported in the article "Fairness Doctrine:  US Broadcasting Policy" by Val E. Limburg and "The End of Fairness: Right-wing commentators have a virtual monopoly when it comes to talk radio programming" by Edward Monks.

  icon_biggrin.gif    The First Amendment Project -- for those who support freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of association, the freedom to petition the government and (the concept if not the reality of) freedom of the press.

  icon_biggrin.gif     The Just Cause Law Collective   -     (Scheduled to be updated Spring 2003)

Because you never know when you might really need to know what your rights are...

icon_biggrin.gif    Global Exchange  -

icon_biggrin.gif    The Media Channel -

icon_biggrin.gif    Pacifica listener sponsored radio stations, including KPFA Berkeley, KPFK Los Angeles, and WBAI NY  -

icon_biggrin.gif    Link to author Michael Parenti's website  -

 (My first Parenti recommendation is "Against Empire," a provocative read that includes review of the Spanish American War that began in 1899, ended with perhaps 1,000,000 Filipinos dead, and still provides the basic model for U.S. foreign policy.)   

icon_biggrin.gif    People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals  -

        What you wear and what you eat makes a difference.

icon_biggrin.gif    Project Censored featuring "under reported" stories for a different view of the world -

icon_biggrin.gif    Program on Corporations, Law, and Democracy  -

  icon_biggrin.gif    Twentieth Century Atlas -- "Deaths by mass unpleasantness"  -- Various estimates of real world deaths and murders during the previous century...

In the beginning, corporations were not supposed to live forever, they were not entitled to have the rights of human beings, and they were supposed to be organized only for limited purposes and NOT ownership of a multiple different kinds of businesses, never mind the domination of governments. - a website dedicated to "Peace & justice through law - not through perpetual violence."  It features, among other things, an Afghanistan timeline and an Iraq timeline that shines an oil illuminated light on the circumstances of the two most recent U.S. invasions of sovereign nations.  Additionally, there is extensive data on the recent Pacifica litigation plus links to very different material on astronomy and medical research on radiation and human beings...


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