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Why Report on this?





Real Dead






"Movie" Clips  

  Over 9 Billion Dead Served "trailer" **

Want to see a 30 second "trailer" for the documentary?  The trailers below are identical except for their resolution.  

The".asf" files work using Windows Media Player.  The ".rm"  format runs under Real Player.

9trail.asf (1,403 kb) (Windows media player) or

9trail.rm (893 kb) (Real Media)

Want to see a -- very different -- 67 second trailer?

think67c.asf (1,575 kb) (Windows media player)

think67.rm (1,463 kb) (Real Media)


McConfession Hear former Secretary of Defense Robert McNamera confess that 3,800,000 Vietnamese were killed during what is in the U.S. called the "Vietnam War."  This is a figure that I have not heard before or since.  It is also a figure that I could not find in McNamara's book.  It is also a figure mysteriously mis-reported in the current documentary about McNamara, "The Fog of War."  This file has been edited to be as concise as possible while maintaining the content integrity of McNamara's May 25, 1999 public statement.  Though McNamara offers an interesting perspective on the Vietnamese killed, I offer this:  their losses were MORE than six times the total casualties suffered by the U.S. in the entire Civil War.

File:  McConfession.mp3        1,183 kb,  length:  2 minutes 33 seconds.


Kissinger confesses to Jim Lehrer 7 September 2004. Reminiscent of US General Tommy Franks who exclaimed "We don't do body counts," you can hear former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger (who has played a political role in millions of deaths) explain,

ďI donít like the, the I donít like casualties, ah, when when they are reported."

Henry.asf (1,155 kb) (Windows media player) and

Henry.rm (178 kb) (Real Media)


  Not in Our Name  January 18, 2003 San Francisco 200,000 people peace demonstration **

It's not quite like being there, but it is a hot, five minute documentary of the event -- music, signs, and action!

The".asf" files work using Windows Media Player.

These files are the smallest that I've been able to make that still allow reading the signs of the demonstrators.  If you have a slow web connection, you probably need to download the file, then play it.  Some live action, dozens of signs, and a lot of SOUND!  

DSL Speed  SFDemo250.asf  Windows Media Player 8,655kb

Slow DSL Speed SFDemo100.asf 3,712kb Windows Media Player - lower resolution, but legible

The .RM file for Real Media  - SFDemo_1-18-03.RM  Real Media Player 8,640kb

  icon_biggrin.gif  Dec 17, 2003  - censors contest entry, "Arrested Once More in 2004?."  MoveOn wrote: 

"'s with regret that we have to tell you that your ad "Arrested once more in 2004?" is one of a number that won't be available on our website for voting."

They added:

"We had to put aside ads for a variety of reasons. Some posed insurmountable technical problems. For others - including some of our favorites -- our lawyers informed us that posting them could get us in legal trouble. (The most common problem was that ads advocated voting in the context of George Bush, which isn't OK for us under election law.)"

Want to see what MoveOn thinks could get them "in legal trouble" ?

Pick your format:

Arrested.asf    (windows media player)   1,026KB  (QuickTime)                    718KB

Note:  since MoveOn decided to censor it, I decided to present the enhanced, most recent edit.  There are two differences.  First, in the last frame the word "again," which was there, is replaced with "once more" for a better rhyme.  Second, that last photo frame transitions into a 3+ second "Not The Enemy Media" credit, with dissolves, lengthening these versions by some 5 seconds over the original 30 second version.

  Stop-Motion President: The "State of the Union" January 29, 2002  - (please) adopt this new (?) method of criticism and put it to work fomenting rational discourse! **

George Bush's 2002 State of the Union Speech:  a sample illustrating techniques that almost anyone -- including a second party and news analysts -- could use to respond to and criticize televised speech.  Speech is by its nature more difficult to analyze than printed text.  A videotaped speech is, however, very easy to criticize when digital editing systems are combined with critical thinking skills.  The task is made especially easy when the original text* is posted on the web (as Presidential speeches are).

The example posted here could be complemented by supra text that links to cyber references that support critical statements.  Nevertheless, these samples should show what could be done almost instantly by any small group of committed individuals.

In "AN ANNOTATED OVERVIEW OF THE FOREIGN POLICY SEGMENTS OF PRESIDENT GEORGE W. BUSH'S STATE OF THE UNION ADDRESS," Professor Stephen Zunes provides a concise series of counterpoints to errors, omissions and misstatements made by Bush.  If integrated with Stop-Motion video, a Zunes-like analysis could provide an excellent foundation for deconstructing political speech in a manner the USES the strength of the original presentation. 

* Here, "text" means "the script" that is drafted for campaign contributors, written by staff, and read off of dual pseudo-eye-contact teleprompters by the politician of the day.

Windows Media Player:

George Bush State of the Union Jan 29, 2002        MiniSelect1.asf        (5,279 kb)

**  [Linux users: You can use the Crossover plugin from Codeweavers to view these movies. Not free. Accesses Quicktime via WINE. ]

2006 September 26     I found a "Vision Seed" 8:08 minute video on the website, and am endeavoring to link to it here:

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