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Updates to "Real Dead" now include:

 June 2, 2009

U.S. Navy's "Instances of Use of United States Forces Abroad, 1798-1993" that lists 234 "instances"...

Zoltan Grossman's "One Hundred Years of Intervention" 1890-1993 -- that now includes military action within the United States...


September 7, 2004 Henry Kissinger confesses his sensitivity to Jim Lehrer

henry.asf (1,155 kb) (Windows media player) henry.rm (178 kb) (Real Media)

March 27, 2004 - New 67 second trailers are posted at:

think67c.asf (1,575 kb) (Windows media player) and think67.rm (1,463 kb) (Real Media)

March 15 - 19, 2004, (Monday through Friday) host Shawn Lennon of "Upstart Radio" carries re-broadcast of the 3/8/2004 WBAR interview at 4:45pm, 6:45pm, 12:15am Pacific Time. This is an "internet globalcast" at

March 8, 2004: Interview with Merlin Chowkwanyun at WBAR, Columbia/Barnard College Radio, 87.9 FM., Manhattan  ~ 8 - 8:40PM EST posting of WBAR interview in mp3 format at: "a superb documentary"

February 4, 2004: Posting of WAV file in which former Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara confesses that 3,800,000 Vietnamese were "killed" during the "Vietnam War." 

  February 2, 2004 -- Unprecedented media litigation settled with agreement with StudioCanal Image regarding "Terminator 2: Judgment Day."  Counsel Tesfaye Tsadik files dismissals in cases against StudioCanal and Universal Vivendi.  This follows on (until today,  unreported) settlements with Universal, Fox, Paramount, Warner Communications, and MGM reached back in August and September of 2002 -- all giving Not The Enemy Media the rights to distribute and broadcast "Over 9 Billion Dead Served."  A new Press Release goes out!

  February 2, 2004, Interview for KPFA (94.7 FM) evening news at 6pm about Not The Enemy Media's victory...

January 21, 2004, head of StudioCanal ImageStudioCanal Image legal department settles legal department settles with Not The Enemy Media!

  Jan 16, 2004.   Honorable Judge Jeffrey S. White allows adding Studio Canal Image (US) and Universal Vivendi to the list of defendants in this action (re: the use of clips from the film  "Terminator 2" starring California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger)

 icon_biggrin.gif  Dec 17, 2003  - censors contest entry, "Arrested Once More in 2004?"  

  icon_biggrin.gif  Case presented to Magistrate Elizabeth La Porte on August 27, 2003.   Failure to successfully conclude settlement negotiations at this level by August 29, 2003, is to result in a 2nd Case Management Conference (CMC).  At that CMC, trial dates are to be specified.  (We didn't report the results of this mediation until February 2, 2004.)

icon_biggrin.gif  June 20, 2003 - 1st Court "Case Management Conference" took place in San Francisco.  During this session, attorney Tesfaye Tsadik for Not the Enemy Media and the attorneys for Warner Brothers, 20th Century Fox, Universal, and Paramount agree to the appointment of a Federal magistrate.  Federal court Judge Jeffrey S. White orders the appointment of a magistrate who is to work with the parties and conclude a mediation between them by August 29, 2003.

icon_biggrin.gif  Variety article by Dana Harris -- May 18, 2003   Inside move: "Dead" reckoning"

icon_biggrin.gif  April 11, 2003, Warner filed an "Answer to First Amended Complaint" (pdf).

icon_biggrin.gif  Settlement with Disney, negotiated with Vice President Christina Oswald finalized via April 25, 2003 E-Filing dismissal from case.

icon_biggrin.gif  Settlement with Lucasfilm (pdf) negotiated with Director of Business Affairs, David J. Anderman finalized April 25, 2003 via E-Filing dismissal from case. (pdf)

icon_biggrin.gif  March 22, 2003, performed a web search for "Over NINE Billion Dead Served" (instead of "Over 9 Billion Dead Served") and found several additional articles that were today posted as "New" even though some were published back in January of 2003.

 icon_biggrin.gif    March 19, 2003, "Nine Billion and One," by Kelly Vance, East Bay Express.

icon_biggrin.gif  March 2003  "Πόσο serial killer είναι το Χόλιγουντ" article appears on Greek website, in Greek!

icon_biggrin.gif   March 13, 2003, Settlement proposed by Warner Brothers.  Thank you. (Yikes! On closer inspection, is questionable!)

icon_biggrin.gif  TV interview by Paul Duschene, Channel 26, broadcast March 12, 2003.

icon_biggrin.gif  February 27, 2003.  Initial "status conference" court meeting that was scheduled to take place with the Honorable Jeffrey S. White, is deferred to a later date because of the filing of the Amended Complaint.

icon_biggrin.gif  February 24, 2003.  Was the last day for Universal and Fox to file responses to complaint - but the time period is re-extended, this time due to the filing of the Amended Complaint.

icon_biggrin.gif  February 18, 2003.  Disney, LucasFilm, MGM/UA, Le Studio Canal +, Paramount, Warner Brothers added to list of defendants.

icon_biggrin.gif  February 18, 2003.  Through Sony Senior Counsel, Ms. Kathleen M. Hallinan, and their outside counsel, Mr. Ian C. Ballon of Manatt, Phelps & Phillips, LLP, the dispute with Sony Pictures (Columbia) is officially resolved.

icon_biggrin.gif  Valentines Day !  February 14, 2003.  ABTV posts "Not in Our Name" mini-documentary to it's Number 1 position (top left) in it's "Jam of the Day" category Feb 14, 2003 at  !

icon_biggrin.gif  Valentines Day !  February 14, 2003.  Sony Pictures (Columbia) proposes a settlement agreement (PDF) -- and we accept!  I learn that Mr. Ian C. Ballon of Manatt Phelps & Phillips, LLP has been selected by by multiple big studios to work on this litigation out of the law firms Palo Alto offices (phone numbers deleted from pdf).

icon_biggrin.gif  February 11, 2003.  Global National TV interviews with Tara Nelson reach 900,000 people across Canada!

icon_biggrin.gif  February 6-7, 2003.  Global National (television) of Canada sends a TV Crew which does a long series of interviews.

icon_biggrin.gif  February 6, 2003.  Got news that "Not In Our Name" mini-documentary is being posted to Adbusters website -- in the next few days (here already)

icon_biggrin.gif  February 5, 2003.  "Little Murders" review by film critic Kelly Vance, East Bay Express, Feb 5, 2003

icon_biggrin.gif  February 3, 2003.  "Not In Our Name" Quicktime and Windows Media Versions of Jan 18, 2003 SF Demonstration posted to

icon_biggrin.gif  January 30, 2003. "Not In Our Name" Quicktime (MOV) and Real Media (RM) versions posted.

icon_biggrin.gif  January 2, 2003.  "Documentary Producer Sues Studios," published by

icon_biggrin.gif   January 1, 2003.  "Hollywood's censors," by Sarah Faulkner, San Francisco Bay Guardian, p 14.

icon_biggrin.gif  January 28, 2003.  "Not In Our Name" five minute short documentary of January 18, 2003 San Francisco anti-war demonstration posted to web.

icon_biggrin.gif  January 26, 2003.  Discovered story has been translated and appears on Swedish? website:

icon_biggrin.gif  January 22, 2003.  Counsel Tesfaye Tsadik gives opposing counsel at Manatt Phelps an extended period in which to respond.

icon_biggrin.gif  January 21, 2003.  Learned that Mr. Matthew Kanny, Esq., of Manatt Phelps & Phillips LLP (with offices in Los Angeles and Palo Alto),  is representing both 20th Century Fox and Universal Pictures. 

icon_biggrin.gif  January 21, 2003.  20th Century Fox Entertainment is finally served with complaint.

icon_biggrin.gif  January 14, 2003.  The Court issues a "Reassignment Order," (pdf) transferring the case to the Honorable Jeffrey S. White.

icon_biggrin.gif    January 12, 2003, Simon Smith publishes "Rewriting Humanity", a wide-ranging and thoughtful analysis at

icon_biggrin.gif  January ?, 2003.  Entertainment Law Digest reports on court filing, US ND California 02 CV 5717 at

icon_biggrin.gif  January 11, 2003.  Posted Stop-Motion President: The "State of the Union" January 29, 2002.  A demonstration of how speeches could be criticized.

icon_biggrin.gif   January 8, 2003.  Posted the first rough draft of Real Dead "Action" -  The U.S. Military and the Enemy for review, comment, corrections, and contributions.

icon_biggrin.gif   January 8, 2003.  Created a "What People are Saying" segment for website.

icon_biggrin.gif    January 7, 2003.  Columbia / TriStar is served with complaint (owned by Sony). 

icon_biggrin.gif    January 6, 2003.  Universal is served with complaint.

icon_biggrin.gif  January 3, 2003.  "Filmmaker sues to use violent clips," published in the Vancouver Sun picks up story from the Toronto Globe and Mail and prints it page F4.

  icon_biggrin.gif  January 3, 2003.  "Filmmaker sues 3 studios" (pdf)," The San Francisco Chronicle picks up story from the Chronicle News Service and puts in page D18.   It seems that numerous other newspapers also picked up the story from the Chronicle News Service...

icon_biggrin.gif  January 3, 2003.  Chronicle News Service picks up story from the Globe and News and puts it out on "the wire."

icon_biggrin.gif  January 2, 2003.  "Documentary Producer Sues Studios Over Fair Use Copyright Law Provision" published in Rights & Royalties.

icon_biggrin.gif  December 31, 2002.  "Searching for a Hollywood ending," by Christopher Reed, printed in the Toronto Globe and Mail (or PDF).

icon_biggrin.gif  December 25, 2002.  Indy Media posts radio interviews and links to Counterpunch.

icon_biggrin.gif  December 24, 2002.  Radio4All posting of audio file (mp3) of WBAR interview at

  icon_biggrin.gif  December 18, 2002.  Talk of the Point picks up Keegan article and links to it... 

  icon_biggrin.gif  December 18, 2002.  Theresa Keegan article, "Lights, Camera, and Action(able)," appeared in Contra Costa Times, The West County Times, The Valley Times, The San Ramon Valley Times and .

  icon_biggrin.gif  December 17, 2002.  Cockburn article from Examiner gets picked up by "Local Film Company Takes Studios to Court"

  icon_biggrin.gif  December 15, 2002.  Stories from the Examiner and CounterPunch get picked up by Richmond City Councilman Tom Butt

  icon_biggrin.gif  December 12, 2002.  "Over 9 Billion Dead Served," posting of original Dec 5, 2002 Cockburn article in the Serbian Cafe.

  icon_biggrin.gif  December 12, 2002.  "Show of Force" article appears in San Francisco Examiner, p. 9A.

icon_biggrin.gif   December 11, 2002.  Part of Counterpunch story appears on website at the University of Utah.

  icon_biggrin.gif  December 11, 2002.  "Hollywood's 9 Billion Dead (and Just One Baby)" appears at

  icon_biggrin.gif  December 10, 2002.  Mac / PC .mpg clip posted to

icon_biggrin.gif  December 9, 2002.  Talk of the Point runs short, original paragraph piece titled "Pointer vs. Hollywood."

icon_biggrin.gif  December 6, 2002.  The complaint that was filed in U.S. District Court is posted online in html format.

  icon_biggrin.gif  December 6, 2002.  The first radio interview is done with Merlin Chowkwanyun at WBAR, Columbia/Barnard College Radio, 87.9 FM., Manhattan.

  icon_biggrin.gif  December 5, 2002.  The complaint is filed in the U.S. District Court in San Francisco.  The Honorable Susan Illston is randomly selected to preside.

  icon_biggrin.gif  December 5, 2002.  Alexander Cockburn writes the first article on the documentary, "Hollywood's 9 Billion Dead."


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