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Why Report on this?





Real Dead







 In “Over 9 Billion Dead Served,”  Clips are presented as visual testimonials in support of research

findings within eleven chapters that sequentially support the following eleven hypotheses: 

1)         Stereotypes of Nazis and Arabs are used to dehumanize those who are subsequently killed. 

2)         Stereotypes of ugly, masked, and invisible are used to dehumanize those who are subsequently killed.

3)         Stereotypes of “blackness” are used to dehumanize those who are subsequently killed.

4)         Americans see billions more deaths and murders than is commonly recognized.

5)         Males are much more likely to be killed and are less likely to be missed

6)         Deaths and murders are frequently joked about and celebrated.

7)         Actor action frequently suggests death but shows survival in “comic coyote” scenes.

8)         Actors are often brought back to life better than new as “Holy Ghosts”

9)         Actors are often brought back to life as good as new through “Resurrections”

10)      Human deaths are often ignored while machines are loved.

11)      Movies are capable of portraying life and death plausibly and sensitively.


Note:  The above hypotheses are derived from analysis of the 25 Most Successful Films in U.S. box office history.

Note # 2:  Some people whom have emailed me have correctly noted that these hypotheses contain nothing about frequently maligned Asian peoples.  In “Forrest Gump,” which features battle scenes from the war against the Vietnamese, the “enemy” remains invisible as per hypothesis # 2.  Otherwise, there are relatively few Asians in these 25 films.  With the exception of “Dances with Wolves,” there are very few Native Americans either.  (By, the way, in my opinion what made Dances With Wolves a great and successful film was its characterization of Native Americans as real human beings with real languages and complex cultures, which has, of course, been the case for the last 10,000 years or so.)  Anyway, a lack of hypotheses relative to these groups is not meant to indicate that they have or are being treated well by Hollywood; it merely means that either:  (a)  such stereotypes were not supported by this non-random sample or (b) such contentions are supported by this sample and I just didn’t see it, or (c) other.


1)  “Killing Nazis and Arabs”  

2)  “Killing the Ugly, Masked, and Invisible”  

3)  “Walking While Black”  

4)  “Incidents of Mass Destruction”  

5)  “Gender Skewing Mortality”  

6)  “Joking about Death and Murder”  

7)  “Comic Coyotes”                                                          

8)  “Holy Ghosts”  

9)  “Resurrections”  

10)  Displacing Compassion by Loving Machines

 11)  “Good Grief”                                                                [Top]


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