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Real Dead







“Over 9 Billion Dead Served”

What Transnational Corporations teach about Death, Dying, and Grief in America’s favorite movies.


If coping with death and dying are among life’s most important experiences, it seems worthwhile to consider how we learn to regard these events.  On the heels of numerous shootings in American high schools and countless tons of bombs dropped on alleged enemies around the world, this 82 minute documentary takes a look at examples of death, dying, and grief that are provided by movies. 

  Quantitatively, Americans see many times more examples of death on screen than through personal experience and thus, at least in some empirical sense, movies are our primary instructors about death.  This documentary examines selections from the 25 biggest box office films in United States history (as of April 1997).  The clips extracted from these movies are analyzed, reviewed, parodied, and categorized.  Clips are presented as visual testimonials in support of research findings within eleven chapters that sequentially support the following eleven hypotheses:  


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